i. Volunteering  义务工作

Grassroot Organic Farm adopts volunteer/WWFOORER from time to time. The farm serve as a platform for those who have common interest for experience and idea sharing at the same time work together. This program is open for those who interest in organic farming, sustainable living, healthier and natural lifestyle. We’ll prepare free accommodation for those who will be helping out for a period more than 2 weeks. Daily task in the farm include fertilizing, sowing seed, weeding, harvesting and etc.



ii. Farm visit 园游有机园

Nature is the best platform for children, adults and even elderly person to learn, relax, escaping from cities chaos and self-reflection. Having family and friends gathering in organic farm will definitely leave you unforgettable memory. Grassroot Organic’s farm visit activities aimed to promote organic and nature living and environment protection awareness. Fee collected will be use for farm further development expenditure.

Fees:  RM8 per pax (1.5 hours of farm tour, a pack of vegetable or fruits for each participant, organic herbs drink, hands-on farming experience upon  request),Fruits party (charges depend on fruits ordered)

Minimum requirement: 20 peoples per trips

有机园将作为一个平台于各界男女老少向大自然学习、放松心情、暂忘城市的喧闹及自我省思, 同时让家庭及亲友相聚。通过此园游,我们希望能推广有机及自然生活方式及灌输环境保护意识。所征取的收费将作为园内未来的发展用途。

收费:每人RM8 (一小时半的园游;每人一包蔬菜或水果;有机香草药茶招待;亲自体验种植,如有要求),蔬果派对(价格依所提供的水果)


iii. Durian Buffet 榴莲自助派对


Time时间: Everyday 10am and 6pm along the season

*First come first serve, please call for reservation.请预早预

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  1. Hi There, do you do any exchange for accommodation/food for helping on your farm? I plan to visit Penang for 2 weeks from Feb 22.
    thanks, Jon

  2. Mshy

     /  February 1, 2011

    We juz provide accomodation 4 volunteer, and if there is any extra fruits or vegetable, we will provide it as well.

  3. Chris

     /  July 4, 2011

    Hi, If we only have 4 pax, can we stil visit the farm?

  4. grassrootmemo

     /  July 8, 2011

    ya, sure

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