Month of Durian 榴莲称霸的月事

正准备要在榴莲树底下围网接住榴莲,通常皮薄榴莲和石头多的地方都需要放网Preapring to put net underneath Durian that have thin skin and area that covered by a lots of stone, to catch the durian so that it will not spoilt easily

Exotic Durian

Durian hang in the tree榴莲挂满树

Neighbourhood volunteer was helping to taking out durian meat for durian cake社区义工正帮忙取出果肉做榴梿糕

Daughter was drawing while waiting for mummy 小女孩开始作画起来了

Our WWOOFER, addicted to durian since the 1st time she have durian in my farm, she will ask for the durian every morning. she learn quite well in opening the durian as well这位义工打从第一次在我园内吃榴莲后就上瘾了,每天一早都要找榴莲吃。她很快就学会了开榴莲。

Durian tree under full moon.满月底下的榴莲树

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