The Natural Taste — Durian Buffet自然之味榴莲大吃会

Attap Shelter

Attap Shelter 2

Seaview and sunset view 风水之地,背山面海,赏尽夕阳西下

Compost 堆肥


Chicken House鸡寮

Vegetable Garden菜园

Durian Flower榴莲花苞花蕾


Durian is one of the symbolic of Balik Pulau which make Balik Pulau famous especially form May to July when a lots of peoples came in to have the unforgotten taste of Durian.

In Grassroot Organic, we are using organic way in the fruits orchard without using pesticide, hebicide, synthetic fertilizer etc thing that will harm to human body and environment. It’s safe to eat and in the meantime, you can taste the natural taste of the “Fruits King” — Durian. Come to join us at this tropical fruits season.

Duration: June—July   六月– 七月

Time: 10am – 6pm 早上10点-6点

Price:RM18/adult , RM10/child under 12 (UnLimited for Kampung Durian)

RM18/成人 , RM10/12岁以下小孩(任吃本土榴莲)

RM35/adult, RM17/child under 12 (Limited Champion Durian + Unlimited Kampung Durian)

RM35/成人, RM17/12岁以下小孩(名种榴莲+任吃本土榴莲)

*Reservation by 1st come 1st serve请预先预约。

*We also provide free delivery within Penang Island for order more than RM100我们也提供免费运输于檳岛内(须订购超过RM100)

*Suitable for Durian enthusiastic, party, gathering, retreat etc 适合榴莲饕吃者、派对、聚会、休闲、员工回馈等。

Please contact Meishy 0125536898 for order, inquires or reservation.

Facebook: Grassroot Organic

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  1. HK Loh

     /  June 20, 2011

    [1] we are planning to join the durian buffet by this coming Saturday (25/June), it is available?
    [2] Entrance fee RM3 for adults and RM2 for kids, right?
    [3] Beside of durians, others fruit available? If enjoying it, is it under package?

  2. grassrootmemo

     /  June 20, 2011

    We just accept entrance fees from groups from organization or school. We might have cempedak and rambutan in coming saturday, is under the package. You can make reservation with me once you comfirm to come because weekend is quite hot. You can sms/call me at 0125536898


  3. ying

     /  July 2, 2011

    may i know is it available until end of this month?

  4. grassrootmemo

     /  July 2, 2011

    probably still available, btw is depend also. You can check with me when there is near end of month

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