WWOOFER in Grassroot Farm义工杂记

We are grateful to welcome 3 volunteer last Saturday, which 2 ladies, Veronica and Fanny, come from Sweden a guy, Binra,  from Thailand. Veronica and Fanny traveling around India, Indonesia and Malaysia before they going to enter University, they said, most of Swedish peoples travel before they go to university, to see the world, and to help them find theirself. Binra is a Philosophy students from Chulalongkorn University.

They are good helper in our farm as they help us to weed a lots and help in the routine of farm. We probably need 2 hour to clean a vege path full of weeds, but with their help, we do it 2 path in around 1.5 hours. Besides, they also help us clean the paper for recycle, clean the house etc. Some of the task, we just think to do it, but we’re lack of time and manpower, and they do some of it for us. They are quite good volunteer as they can work in the condition of maybe that not comfortable for the educated peoples. They works under the hot sun, bites by mosquito, lumpy soil etc, but i see they enjoying that and hopefully they’re enjoying it.

Having volunteer in our farm also give us change to know more about others country, their culture, their experience etc. We share a lots during their time in farm, foods, knowledges, experiences, languages etc. We have a great time knowing each others. Binra also helps us in communicate with our Burmese worker as our Burmese worker know Thai language and Binra become translator for us.

Veronica and Fanny left the farm yesterday and Binra will be going back to Bangkok next weeks. By the way, i hope they are enjoying the time in Grassroot farm and wish they could have a better life in the future.

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  1. Steve

     /  June 25, 2011

    This is beautiful. Maybe I can come to volunteer one day at Grassroots.

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