Home make Organic Salted Duck Eggs 自制咸鸭蛋


咸鸭蛋制造 Making of Salted Duck Eggs


Boil water and salt with ratio of 5:1. For salted ducks with herbs, add in star anise, pepper and fennel. After boiled, add in Shao Xing Wine. For ordinary salted duck eggs, just skip this step. After the water cool down, pour it into glass bottle and add in duck eggs. Put the bottle in shady place for 20-30 days and it’s ready to be eaten after that. If store the eggs in refrigerator , you can keep it for 2 weeks. Otherwise you’re adviseble to finish it within 1 weeks.

香草药咸鸭蛋Salted Duck Eggs (with herbs) — RM2.00

普通咸鸭蛋Salted Duck Eggs (without herbs)– Rm1.50

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