Duck and Goose鵝鴨記








Happy to see that our duck and goose grow bigger and bigger everyday. After few week of , i found out that duck/goose was a funny animal.

We have 10 ducks and 1 goose, sometime we curious that if the goose will curious why he/she different from others. Our goose will not chase against peoples, maybe he/she think that he/she was a duck. But beware when you free-ranging them, they will eat your crop also. So, you need to train them so that they didn’t eat your crops.

Duck/goose was a good farmer’s friends as they help to eat the grass and insects in farm. Duck/goose have a big appetite, they was omnivorous animal. They eat whatever that can be digest by them:weed, aquatic, kitchen scrap,insects etc.  Goose was especially a good weed clearer. It can eat a lots of weed per day.

Duck/goose always goes in a group wherever they go. Sometime the goose will left off from the team as it too concentrate in eating the weed. And when it suddenly realise that it left off from the team, it will shout out and running to find its friends. (It’s very hard to write down how cute of it, you have to see the expression of the goose by yourself)

Although duck/goose was also a excellent swimmer, but they didnt swim all the time. Chinese poem say that duck will 1st feel the warm of the water and if you see the duck swimming in water, then it give the sign that summer is coming. So, i think the duck also only go in water when it’s warm.

Got a friend told me a funny thing about the duck. He say that if you are the one that take care of the baby duck, the baby duck will thought that you are their mother. And they will queue up and follow you as if mother duck bring the baby duck.

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