Hello, how are you all?

Have been a long while not updating this blog. Indeed, we are not too busy in the farm. Doing some maintain work, as it is not a fruiting nor harvesting season. Meishy is now trying the fermented plant juice, adding brown sugar to selected plant and let it ferment for a week. The extracts can be used as fertilizer. She used bamboo shoot and lalang.

It’s more to a transition time.Yes, we are going to start the vege farm soon. We really hope to start it as soon as possible. just  feel that cant wait any more. haha…I want to grow vege!

Anyway, the rain water are dropping almost everyday in the early morning, or sometimes, in the night. It’s good if we have done seedling, but we even not yet start preparing the soil. the rain volume makes the machine fail to get into the vege growing area. so, the only thing we can do now is , waiting. Yes, we will use the machine at  this very beginning time, but later on, we must try to not plowing the land any more.

Between, we have a lots of visitors past two months. A graoup of 80 teachers from a secondary school called Heng Ee, 1 volunteer named Luis, another 40+ students from Poay Tay Independent High School, and couples from Kepala Batas that interested in Permaculture…Fruitful season, but v hv no camera to show you any picture. Maybe, we should install one to record the happening grassroot farm. of course, it’s important to record the process of our vege growing project. The only thing is, v need to reserve the budget for farming. See 1st lar.

now is a good time the study more books. we are reading some materials from friends abt natural farming, including The One-Straw Revolution by Fukuoka. The 4th part in the 1st chapter tittled as ” towards a do-nothing farming”.

Do-nothing farming? Wow……I must study this part further =P

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  1. Cath

     /  October 19, 2009

    I love that kind of study too. Good luck with the veggies, great to hear about all your visitors

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