Free Labour in Grassroot Organic Farm草根热心人士

草根前阵子来了好几位义工。才刚开始做园两个月多的我们,经验不多,英文又不够IMG_7048好,搞不好义工们的经验比我们多。他们有来自加拿大的Tanya和 Kelly,来自澳洲的Cath,还有我们的好朋友Sushi。英文不好的我,Tanya, Kelly和Cath是我在上普门永续农耕(Permaculture)课程时认识的。在他们来之前还好担心语言不通,九不搭八;Cath说他希望能像我 们学习,她去过好一些有机园做义工,搞不好他没从我们那学到什么,反而我们向她学习。

我们每天都得很早起身,因为得把榴莲送去给批发商, 越早越好。一到园,我们得把拾回来的榴莲核弄干净,在由几个人把它们送出去。其余的会帮忙做日常工作,如:浇水、覆盖、栽种Nitrogen Fixing Tree(NFT)等等。其余的工作包括设立储水系统、培苗等等。中午午餐后,我们就到巴刹跟小贩们收烂鱼烂菜,以带回园做覆盖和鱼肥。

在 这期间,我们大家都相得很愉快处。Kelly和Cath超爱吃榴莲,我们每天离不开榴莲,有回甚至在早上六点,Kelly开了榴莲当早餐吃,结果大家一起 跟他一起吃。晚餐都是我们回家煮的,通常淑桦会是我们的大厨,Cath也为我们准备过一次晚餐。晚餐时间是大家坐在一起讲话的时间,大家分享着彼此的经 验,什么都可以讲。



Well, we are not really an experienced farmer and we not a good English speaker, but we receive 3 foreign volunteer, they are Tanya and Kelly from Canada and Cath from Australia. We also got our friend, Sushi, as volunteer. They crazy about Durian as everyday we eat Durian. Can you imagine we even eat Durian as our breakfast at early 6am.

What we doing everyday basically were mulching, they do help a lot to mulch tree to make them happy. Every morning we have to wake up at very early as we need to send out our Durian as earlier as we can. 1st task we do in the farm is collecting and cleaning up Durians husk, then some of us will send it out to wholesaler. The remains do some routine works in farm eg watering plants, mulching, planting NFT, nursery, set up water catchment systems etc. In the noon, we do go to market to collect vegetables and fish scrap from market to mulch and to do fish emulsion in farm. It was surprised me that they can work without minding the dirtiness of the scrap.

At night we will cook and eat together at home. Most of the time Sok Hwa will be our cook and cath also been cooked for us for 1 time. We will share anythings about farming and also personal life.

We do not have any experience of receiving volunteers and we think that maybe our arrangement Is not so appropriate and organized. We don’t have a list of what you must do and what not to do. It was a good experienced and fun time work with them.



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  1. 你们好!是否还记得我?在yahqappu的菜园做义工的那位摄影师。


  2.  /  July 20, 2009


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