Yeah, fresh organic fruits available now

Hai, Grassroot Farm will have lots fruits for sales start from now. Hereby is the list of fruits that available in our farm and some of the price. Some of the seoson fruits only available for its seoson.


1. Jambu                                     

2. Banana                                    

3. Ciku(ellipse shape)        

4. Ciku(round shape)           

5. Star fruit                                 

6. Ambra

7. Cempedak

8. Durian

9. Mangosteen

10. Langsat

11. Duku Langsat

12. Lemon

13. Papaya

14. Limau kasturi

15. Mata kucing

16. Sugun

17. Rambutan

19. Noni fruits

20. Nutmeg

21. Pandan leaf

22. Serai

23. and so on

We welcome for those who interest in to leave us a message or contact:

Shy 0125536898, Sokhua0162290460

Please help us to promote and circulate between your friends, a lots thanks from us.

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