Pantai Acheh Farm

Hi, everybody! After long time didn’t hear from us, finally we are back now. Well, we have some good news to announce – we find a new land for farming in Pantai Acheh, finally! Let me introduce this area for you all, is a quite nice place, with beautiful sea scene, comfortable environment, fresh breath etc.




The picture above is some intro of our new farm, so if you interest can come to visit us.

Actually the land’s owner let us use his 10 acre flat land for free, but with condition we take care of his 30 arce fruit farm, so the picture above is fruit farm view.

By the way, after consultation from expert, the result is the land for us to plant vegetable is not enough fertilize, so the suggestion we get is to do more compost before we start farming. Now, we start by taking over the fruit farm management, do compost and also eco/locality tourism in Balik Pulau. After enough fertilize, we will start farming, manage fruit farm and do eco/locality tourism simultaneously.

We hope to do the community base farm, encouraging community to take part and support the farm. After stable, we plan to organise some activity in farm area with involvement of community.  We need much of voluntter to help us, if you interest can contact us. By the way, we have some organic fruit, eg ciku, ambra, banana etc, seeking for sales, please help us to promote, thanks. Our contact Shy0125536898, Hua0162290460

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  1. ccl

     /  March 16, 2009


  2. grassrootmemo

     /  March 16, 2009


  3. ccl

     /  April 13, 2009



  4. ccl

     /  April 13, 2009

    对了。我的朋友在NAGORE ROAD有间健康食品店。相信他们会对你们的产品有兴趣。

    有时间不妨去NAGORE ROAD的“种籽”(好像是辣妹子对面)洽谈。

  5. grassrootmemo

     /  April 13, 2009

    Actually we go to that shop already, thanks for recommendation.

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